Asenok Aoertem rongnung, talisa, lanurtem aika pei tetsü oshia mashi aser tangar bendanger oshia junga mejembitetter ta tetsüngda nung timtemba mapang ka Tir Yimyim osang kaket ya 2003 küm October 8 nü adok tenzük. Ibai Ao oshi nung anogo shi adokba osangkaket mezüngbuba lir. Aji oda, Ao oshi jembitetter aser züngtetter nem Tir Yimyim ajanga […]


Tir Yimyim is a Dimapur based the First and Leading native daily newspaper in Nagaland. This Newspaper emerged out of urgent necessity to empower our people with information in form of news, advertisements and public discourses so that they will be in better position to exercise their rights in every aspect of their lives. It […]